With the exception of attached condominiums, most inspections will start outside.  I'll go over the roof, exterior of the home, lot grading and landscaping, electrical and gas services, heating and cooling components, decks and patios, garages, and finally, driveways and sidewalks.  We then go over everything outside together so you have a clear understanding of the current condition of the home's exterior and ask any questions you may need for clarification.

On the inside I start by inspecting the accessible attic spaces and look at the roof framing, ventilation, and insulation.  It also allows me to inspect for any leaks that may not be obvious from the exterior.  At this point I will explain my findings in the attic and answer any questions you may have.

Going over the bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen I'll ensure that windows and doors operate properly and that electrical and plumbing fixtures are in working order while noting any defects in the wall, ceilings and floor finishes.  Cabinets and counter-tops and appliances are included in the inspection as well.

I will then operate the home's heating and cooling system and inspect the furnace, boiler, or permanently installed gas/electrical space heater.  With gas heating appliances, carbon monoxide spillage is also tested for.

Most appliances are registered with RecallChek, a service that will inform you via email of any potential safety or manufacturing recalls.

We finish in the basement or crawlspace where I'll inspect visible portions of the flooring and support system as well as the foundation and any drainage systems present.  Electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems are also inspected where visible.