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Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the earth.  It enters homes through the foundation's tiny pores and cracks.  It's colorless and odorless.  It's also listed, by the EPA, as the second leading cause of lung cancer.  Testing is simple, affordable, and lets you know if there's a radon issue before you buy the home.  

Don't worry, even if the home tests for elevated radon levels it's a very manageable condition.  Mitigation systems typically cost $750-$1500 and are fairly un-intrusive. 
For more information on how radon can affect your family and home visit

Testing takes 48 hours and can be setup before your inspection so that you'll have results right away.  I use top of the line equipment from Sun Nuclear that's calibrated annually to ensure the most accurate results possible.  Testing is just $175 in addition to your home inspection.

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