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Growing up, doing things around the house with Dad was how things got done.  A builder, mechanic, and electrician by trade, he made quite a teacher as well.  All of those after work and weekend projects eventually led me to a career in home improvement and remodeling.  My natural curiosity took over and has allowed me to learn quite a lot about a number of things over the years.  A natural jack of all trades with an entrepreneurial spirit, bringing that experience together in to a home inspection career seemed like the most logical next step.

Over 20 years of experience has left me with a lot of practical knowledge and an understanding of homes that simply can not be learned from a certification study guide.  Putting that experience to work for you is what I've found I really enjoy doing.  

I like to do for others what I'd expect them to do for me - a good job.  You're making a big decision; making you a little more confident in that decision is what I do, and it's fun!  

Looking forward to meeting you. 


Bob Pecar

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